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Gardens in Delhi

Gardens in Delhi are been constructed since the Mughal Emperor rule over Delhi. There are large number of parks and gardens in New Delhi which are considered to be one of the most famous tourist places. The Mughal dynasty made many gardens in Delhi which were later renovated in modern style with modern technology such as lighting, fountains etc. Lodi Garden is one of the famous gardens in Delhi. There are other famous gardens in Delhi which are spread all over the city.

The best gardens in Delhi are mainly situated in the central Delhi which is business hub of the city.  The Delhi garden festival is also organised for making people aware of different species of plants.

The Delhi garden festival has plants from the best gardens in Delhi and through those plants the whole environment is filled with the sweet fragrance and majestic feelings. This Delhi garden festival was organised by Delhi tourism and it was held from February 20th to 22nd in the year 2010.

About Delhi garden reviews from many foreign tourist, they are considered to be best in the whole world as these gardens are having ultimate collection of flower plants which makes the atmosphere peacefully and comfortable. The indigenous travellers are same on the Delhi garden reviews like the foreign tourist. They are mostly attracted by the Mughal Garden which is among the most famous gardens in Delhi. Delhi gardens are having their own style of architecture and they are also having a modern art touch in their construction.

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