Iron Pillar

The iron pillar of Delhi is located in Qutab minar complex and weights near six to seven tons. The height of this iron pillar is about 7meters and the compostion fo this pillar is considered to be made up of 99% pure wrought iron. The pillar is standing without any protection from raining or sunlight for the last 1600 years.

About Iron Pillar

About Iron Pillar there are many myths which tell that this was erected first in the year 32912 BC where was some concluding this to be 375-413 AD. The height of the pillar from top to the bottom is about 7.21m and its bell pattern is about 3ft and 6inches. The base of this grid is soldered with lead which provided this pillar a firm standing place on the dressed stone pavement. The lower diameter of this pillar is about 16.5inches whereas as the upper is about 12inches.

The history of Iron Pillar is said to be as legendary as the capital city history. The complex in which this pillar is standing has Qutab minar on its right side. There is a huge study going on this pillar for its composition as it has stand all the seasons of 1600 years and haven’t got corrosion which symbolises the great technique and capability of the blacksmiths of that time period.

The blacksmith put hard wrought iron in such a form that it remained standing for a long period of time without any damage on its outer shell. The iron pillar was initially stood in a Jain mandir which 27 other pillar but Qutb-ud-din Aybak destroyed the other pillar and shifted this pillar to Qutab complex.

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