Jantar Mantar

Jantra Mantar or we can also say Yantra Mantra consist a gigantic triangular gnomon with many hypotenuse parallel. There is a quadrant of a circle on the either side of the gnomon and is parallel to the plane of the equator.

This whole arrangement of the instrument was meant for the checking of time during a day. Due to the movement of the sun, one can easily estimated the time of the day with shade at an error of half a second.

About Jantar Mantar

About Jantra Mantar, it is said that the Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur build five of these in five different cities of India. They were constructed from the year 1724 to the year 1735. One such Jantra Mantar was also build in Delhi. The main purpose of this Mantar was to have the time duration or time checking of a day, although it also served other purposes like astronomical tables and movements of sun, moon and other planets of the solar system.

The history of Jantra Mantar also describes the keen interest of people in astronomy in the 16th and 17th century. More and more people were interested in discovery new places in the universe and they want to know more about the moon and the sun.

The Jantra Mantar was also the first discovery of the modern day watch which is used for checking time. This mantar lack in some manner as it was not able to give time neither during the night hours nor in the raining or cloudy seasons.

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