Red Fort

Red Fort Built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan who bitter fingered his capitol from Agra to Delhi. Red Fort had a huge magnificent historical Delhi .It was take 20 years for complete (1639 to 1648), Shahjahn Spent Rs 1 million, the whole building built by red stone ,its walls that vary in height from 18 m on river (Yamuna) side to 33 m on the city side .Red Fort has two gates, Lahore gate and Delhi Gate, the former facing the Chandni Chowk is more imposing .

About Red Fort

Red Fort has Diwan I Am ( the hall of public audience) Shahjahn met with people , it’s like assembly house (lineage ), Diwan –I- Khas ( the hall for private audience ) , Shah jahan ‘s guest was take stay and he met with guest .Royal Baths, Shahi Buri , Harem ( powder room for Queen and her servant) ,Moti Masjid (was built by Aurangzeb in 1659) , he used white marble and beautiful calligraphy on stone and roof of the mosque , Khas Mahal ,Rang Mahal , Mumtaz Mahal , and Svatantrata Sangram Sangrahalaya , It was in the Diwan I Am , where in a marble dias is said to have aegis the famous Peacock throne of Shahjahan which was valued at six million pound , it was plundered by Nadir Shah in 1739.

It also got status symbol of world heritage site from (WTO). Now ,it has three museum, with beautiful restaurant situated nook of the monument.

Government also started to organized laser lightning show in the evening , it’s also provide unforgettable experience to people. If people want to purchase antic peace of at the time of history , they also purchased jewelry , so made by bronze , ivory , and silk clothes .

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